TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for August 2012


Classes, papers, and peer reviews oh my. This probably won't end well. Links are below.

Intro Video:
Applejack's Falcon Kick (MLP in real life) by StormXF3:

Top Ten List

Smile Song Literal Version by Missbunniswan:

Batman Meets My Little Pony by ToucanLDM:

Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon #1 by Hotdiggedydemon:

Yugioh Re-enacted by Ponies by jjkmovies:

Pony Gangnam Style by Coconeru:

My Little Portal Episode 2 by ChristiansCartoons:

Toothpaste Cannon Infomercial by MeleePrincess:

Derp Face by Bronyvids:

(PMV) The Garden by Mmmandarinorange:

Rainbowliscious by Christkids:

Honorable Mentions:

[Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 2 (Trixie) by BogyleBronies:

Smile Like you Mean it (PMV) by pspchief:

Double Rainboom Promo 2 by Flamingo1986Studio:

Credits Song:
E48 by SoGreatAndPowerful: