Wings of the Pegasi (Feat. Aviators)


So this song is my submission to the Friendship Fund Album. Its a charity album with tons of stuff which you can donate to here! I wrote this song trying to paint the pic of racing through Cloudsdayle with Rainbowdash. Hope I nailed it! And a big thanks to Aviators for mastering and the vocals/cello!! Enjoy!!


Take off of the ground
Take back the wind
From the distance were covering now
It wont be long till were
Breaking the ceiling
The freedom is here right now

Feel the cold wind on your face
Feel it lift your wings
The sunrise in the morning
Lighting up your dreams
The stars on the horizon
The bearing headed down
The writing in the sky is all
We're leaving now

On the wings of pegasi
Soaring dancing through the sky
Clouds just floating by. We cant slow down
On the wings of the pegasi
Worries gone, were lifted high.
The heavens call our names, yeah we cant slow down.

Soaring through the sky
Shoot through the clouds
As you streak through the cloudsdayle sky
The finish lines screaming with
Cheering that's lifting you up high