Ken Ashcorp- 20% Cooler Alex S Remix (Ibe Version)



I know it's been along time but the hiatus is officially over got alot more coming your way soon! This is a rap I've been wanting to do since back in 2012 when I first stumbled on to lulz's rap over this. Never felt confident enough to do it TILL NOW!! So this has been years in the making of writing ,rewriting, hating it , and then self loathing. Also I feel it should be addressed that while I'm still making music as you've noticed what I put out is no longer solely pony centric content. "HE'S LEFT FANDOM HURR DURR" yes and no? While I will occasionally do a song based on something from the fandom old or new I will no longer make that the basis of my channel I want to make music I enjoy to make whether it's about Anime, Vidya games, or horses. I'M A BIG BOY NOW

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rap lyrics here

(verse 1)
Back but never left I'm stressed again
said that I'd died let's put that to rest
rise from the depths all bets are on
can he come back strong? with in the final hour
kick up the horse power dig up the mourge tower
cause sonny I'm back like a relapse attack
relax and slack? rewind the track
yeah cause

(we're getting 20 cooler)

drop another bomb the crowd is inanimate
I call em tom rock phenominal
non stop atomical
so hot it's comical
about to whipe out any modicum of doubt
ibe is played his welcome out stayed
the dragons been slain your words are in vain
I hear em out loud, reach your voice out
and shout

(we're getting 20% cooler)

(verse 2)
stand up brave cause I'm not afriad
you belive in me let's fight through the pain
march through the rain like a wolf untamed
pull through the game we call a checkmate
hype unsigned aligned with the night
I'm always slept on it's been amplified
if you caught all that it's been a long ride

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