PFM #3: Glaze


Hello and welcome, to the 3rd episode of "Please Feature Me"

These are a side project that I have, in which I take AN artist and feature his/hers music in a short sampler kind of a mix!

And in this episode I feature: "WoodenToaster a.k.a. Glaze"

A big thank you for MyLittleVisuals for the awsome vid!

MyLittleVisual's Youtube page:


Artist featured:

WoodenToaster a.k.a. Glaze

The Living Tombstone:

Mic The Microphone:

General Mumble:



1. The Living Tombstone - Cracks (Glaze Remix)
2. Glaze - Nightmare Night - (feat. Mic The Microphone)
3. The Living Tombstone - Louise The Lab Rat (Glaze Remix)
4. General Mumble - She's A Pony (Glaze Remix)
5. Glaze - Beyond Her Garden
6. Glaze - Pinkie's Lie
7. Glaze - Rainbow Factory
8. Glaze - Avast Fluttershy's Ass