HACKD vs RKIT - Maverick

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DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/hackdsounds/hackd-vs-rkit-maverick

Welcome back friends. Finally starting to finish up some of these WIPs that have been in the pipeline for much too long. Pretty happy how this tune turned out; kinda cut a lot of corners but I was just going for something silly and fun. Who's RKIT? RKIT is one of three aliases I'll be using this year with a focus on slower (140-160 bpm) juke rhythms, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to brandish the moniker. Shouts out to everyone who has been with me for the past year; I imagine you'll realize how pretentious the latter lines are ;D

Also be sure to check out http://k-pone.com/ for more of the rebel sound.

BPM: 154

if creativity is dead you can catch me six feet under
born to shake the foundation so expect to feel the thunder
but be warned if you're here to catch me at a concert
you're off the map mate and out here there be monsters

out here I'm something of a dark horse in your pick six
holding it down with the rest of these mavericks
got K-PONE radio pumping up that rebel sound
blast it out loud another anthem of the underground

so turn it up and let me feel that bass kick cuz
no one goes harder than the pinkamena party clique
shiba crew gak attack got the hype to kill em wit
if you're not down to funk then you don't know the half of it

tearing up the back alley with the hyperactivity
in the pulse of the night to which we swear our fealty
i'm just a crossbreed rebel that got caught in some vendetta biz
never tried to ever be a trend setting hit




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