Hush (Animatic with rough animations)


Twilight receives a letter from Princess Celestia with map and directions that leads her to a weird mountain cottage guard by Steve and owlbear . Unknown to Twilight she is being followed by Trixie cough cough I mean The Great and powerful Trixie!! Only thing is both mares have to be super quiet not wake up Steve! What well Happen next!!! This work in process hope to be finsh at somepoint. Enjoy~
This original animatic and ruff animations parts with Thanks to Jeff Kyler14
Twilight Sparkles was Voiced by very talented IMShadow007
Trixie was voic..... ok ok I get it ! The Great Powerful Trixie !!! voiced by Also Talented Sparkle Chord
(Need Her Youtube Channel)
Steve the Owlbear was by.... shshsh he is sleeping still . The brillant XanVA
(Need his Youtube Channel)
We been taking break these past months to rest replan things we finish some old projects and start new ones thanks for your support everyone BroHoof!! /)