Ewan Birney: „Big data in biology; EMBL's role and what the pandemic has taught us."

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Prof. Ewan Birney, Deputy Director General EMBL & Director EMBL-EBI, held a public lecture at the University of Tartu in the Institute of Computer Science on 26 May 2022.

Ewan Birney has largely contributed to the development of bioinformatics and genomics globally, promoted the international renown of researchers of the University of Tartu and Estonia and formed the new generation of Estonian bioinformatics researchers. He has collaborated with several Estonian researchers at the EMBL-EBI, in joint EU research projects and the bioinformatics infrastructure ELIXIR. This has brought many new contacts and development opportunities to Estonian researchers. He has also helped Estonian research find recognition in bioinformatics tools, genomics, and personalised medicine. The international reputation, renown and visibility of Estonia and the University of Tartu in bioinformatics and genomics have significantly increased thanks to good cooperation with Ewan Birney.