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For YouTube limitting to 30 FPS I recomend to download for better quality and 50FPS goodness:




HOORAAAYYY For my soon to be! 2000 SUBSCRIBERS!

For you I decided to lift my ass up and do something totally different!

Now you might be disappointed, that it was not a ravebreak, but I promise a ravebreak for my 5000 subs!

Nor you think "Tei you don't have 2000 subs yet! Silly filly!" But this PMV was too good for my standards just to keep for my self, almost criminal like.

Before you start to scream "PMV'S DON'T WORK THAT WAY!" I will add that I never have touched After Effects before I did this PMV, so this with this one i lost my virginity on the PMV genre!

And yes! I'm a big fan oF DabuXian and I wanted to make something that he would make when he was like... 3 or something.

A big shoutout to TommyXe who patiently sat trough me struggling with the basic tools to play with!


And even bigger thanks to all of you who have supported, liked and shared my music among other people! Without you guys, I wouldn't had taken the time an patience to do this pmv for you, and trust me. it took me around 10x more than any of my musical tracks ever!

All of the Vectors used can be found on Deviant art @ #MLP-VectorClub
and the song used is: Flux Pavilion - Daydreamer (Ft. Example) (Dillon Francis Remix)

Keep up the good work people! Sometimes your massive support overwhelms me!

Truly Yours.