I'm bored so I'm playing Minecraft pls watch


Hello. I'm RubyDeluxe but please call me by my preferred name; Alexander. I'm a creator who is apart of a community that likes colorful talking horses. :p

I am an artist at heart (both in music and art). I also love reading and writing stories! I am also a geek and a nerd. Video games and computer technology intrigue me, as well as the human body (I do want to be an E.R. Physician after all).

This channel is operated by two people; Myself, and my beloved (who goes by Holly Dance on YouTube). I try to run this channel at best with whatever I have that seems fit. No computer, no studio/recording room, just a pencil, iPad, editors, and talent are all that this channel is built on (this year). I mainly upload Speed Drawings, skits (I guess that's what they're called), and Animated Story Time videos that I call the "My Explanation" series.

I may not have the best quality channel I can make it, but I try my best to make each individual video the best I can make it.