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[Sparta Duel] Twilight Psycho - The Clock is TICKING! Sparta G.O.D. Remix

Description YT

Round 1 vs. ThatSpartanFailNerd. I don't really like how this turned out. D: Horrible episode source, beleive me. I wish this episode had better samples to work with. But anyway, Enjoy. I tried a new freestyle. Tell me what you think. Also, I really love this episode, especially Twilight Sparkle going crazy mode on everypony. :D Freestyles:
1. Mine
2. My new one
3. handmaster772/DeSpartaGuy (old one)
4. Jastuk55
5. TheLuigiFan007's freestyle epicness

Base by: G0ATFAC3

Also, first Lesson Zero sparta remix. Bonus points 4 me. :D