The Song of the Stars


Ever since I saw the Snowdrop video way back when, I've been dying to get this out. However, after months of editing, it wasnt till BassBeastJD helped me out that I got this song to work. Thanks so much, dude!!



Watch the snow drop.
winter's finally dead.
the snow falls all around.
spring is up ahead.

a sky of distant notes,
a life of lights unseen.
listen close for all the sounds,
of wishes in your dreams

the changing of seasons coming;
gifts all piling here.
nobility stand in waiting,
the time is drawing near.

The song of the stars, you know that they're up there.
the song of the stars, you don't need to see to
hear the stars, calling to you now.
the song of the stars, in a drop of snow.

a feather of your own,
carves your destiny.
a useless foal,
to them no more.
clearly they can see.

the snow storm is growing stronger,
there's not much longer to wait.
out in the cold and wind there's
a wish you're destined to make.

let the snow fall,
let the snow fall,
let the snow fall,
like a wishing well.

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