What I've Learned (Living Tombstone Remix)- Ibeabronyrapper, Nameless Warning


So this song I've been holding out on for awhile now just a little nod to the fandom and thank you to everyone who's supported me thus far, I'd like to thank every single one of you for helping and supporting me through everything I love every single one of you

special thanks to Synthdroid for getting me into this fandom without who none of this would be possible and of course the many musicians who've helped me grow i'd especially like to thank yelling at cats for being an awesome friend and mentor and also i'd like to thank the living tombstone for giving me a chance and allowing me to break out. Also special thanks to animecreator for the awesome art work!


come join me as i being to explain
the lessons and the learning that I've earned along my journey
heard many objections like i was an attorney
but never stop moving cause the gears keep on turning

you see in my heart the fire's still burning
like it was from the start i'll always have a passion
like rarity and fashion some don't understand
like where is the attraction they say it's a distraction

and call it a phase but i fall in a daze
when i step on stage it's like i'm breaking a cage
an adrenalin rush and it hit's me like a wave
when i clutch on a mic you can't really phatom

or explain what it's like you feel line a phantom
but this verse is almost done so i'd like to thank this fandom
though i showed at random you still showed me love
just thought you should know I'll continue to grow

Verse 2 (fun fact written MONTH'S after verse 1)

how far i've come from where i began
where i once was to where i currently stand
when i look back i'm still in shock
but most had faith i'd give it all that i got

never let them down as i improved my sound
and i still will always hone my skill
I'll never reach a peak cause i will always seek
where there's room to grow, is it lyrics or flow?

with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism i refuse to be dismissive
no one is without flaws it's natural law
there's room to better yourself and your friends will help
to guide you through that's when you rise up

and find yourself anew but you gotta remember
there's no free rides be your own guide
push the haters aside their not worth your time
keep that in mind with the rising tides




Nameless Warning

The Living Tombstone

Yelling at cats


thank you all for everything!