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Bubble Berry's Orphanage (FiW: Pinkie Pie's Orphanage Colt Ver).

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Well since a few people have stated that I do a decent Bubble Berry look what I did... and of course Friendship is Witchcraft is involved. This is an extended version of Pinkie's orphanage song from FiW in episode 3 "Dragone Baby Gone" XD.

The extended lyrics are by me~ I kind of wrote them to followup on the gypsy bard song.
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Download http://www.mediafire.com/?1j0s4ra3wm75smd

EqD'd http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/07/music-remix-bubble-berrys-orphanage.html

The image was created by Brauner02 over at deviantart! go check him out here http://brauner02.deviantart.com/

Watch Friendship is Witchcraft here! http://www.youtube.com/user/SherclopPones/videos
Seriously I love FiW so much I don't even know.

Step one: Try not to be so self-conscious
Two: Shift your weight into your haunches
Three: Give a leap into the air and
Four: Just forget your parents are both dead!

Step five: look at where you might be going
Six: even though your home is glowing
Sev-en is hoping there's a heaven
Eight: cut a rug and maybe dig some holes

s'ok even if you don't remember
if they had even loved you tender
what matters now is the horizon
bet it isnt on fire like the past

Chin up! Even if you're not adopted
It's not because you are unwanted
But it might help if you were magic
Not just a boring ugly pink earth pony who nopony will ever love because you're unworthy!



Video by Coconeru

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