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[PMV] Winter Spirit

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Description YT

Any confusion about the introduction of the video saying "PMV by Air Block", I changed my name.

Well, I thought this project is ok. I'm sure this will be my worst PMV, but hay, I don't care, I had never worked on something that long, and I hope it pays off. I'm thinking of waiting till I get a better computer before I make another one (This was made in a 4 GB RAM Laptop, it's not very fast) (not to forget, 2.16 GHz of processing power) (Rendering time of 20 hours)

Song: Foozogz - Winter Spirit

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On EquestriaDaily: www.equestriadaily.com/2016/01/pmv-queen-winter-spirit-and-more.html (fuck yeah) (excuse my language)



Video by Lucid

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