From The Shadows- Francis Vace Feat Collective (IBeConCept, Casual Toast)


Told you there would be more music~

Verse 1
turn it all to ash now Black out pass out
Fade into the background not a soul sounds
Wake up in the aftermath you’re the last one
Stand atop the dead path but you better run fast
Pockets weigh heavy so full from a past life
Sockets plugged in but you never get a full charge
Barge in the room like a bull at the ready
Got a bevy of skills and still runnin on empty

An MC with dreams of bright lights it seems
That all the gleam is lost now it's time to come clean
When all the fans are gone but you sang your songs
Fate ran it's course now you have that remorse!?
you dictate the sound yeah you ain't got authority
morally your shot think you got it locked down
out from the shadows with the clout to start a battle
put the pedal to the metal it's time to saddle up

Bridge x2
Spin the damn record for a section of a century
never be the same mentally or physically
gotta please the masses it's what the kids want
burn it down to ashes this new shits weak

Verse 2
This is my silent catharsis
Bloodletting into a vortex
Why should I scream?
Why should I dream?
If I’m only here to gather dust?

Is your voice a fashion trend now?
Just paint on someone’s face?
Coat after coat of the same 40 shades

It’s just another mirror
Reflecting trickery
Tell me you feel something more than skin deep

This machine runs on all-synthetic now
Watch it polish off the rust
Locked in tis darkened room I feel it slip away
The rumbling fire that once coursed through my veins


Produced by: Francis Vace

Vocals from Casual Toast


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About Collective

Collective is a conglomerate of three artists, IBeConCept, Casual Toast, and Skyline. We prefer not to label ourselves as a band because we believe in our individuality. While we work together we still want to be able to have our own creative freedoms but still come together as group.

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