davhors! & HACKD - Dead Pony Club [Academy of Booty]

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DOWNLOAD: https://pinkamenaparty.bandcamp.com/album/pinkamena-party-iii-academy-of-booty

Wow... almost a full year late on this one, but have some terrorcore. This collaboration took place one night at Dave's house during my three week adventure in England. We were watching cheesy british game shows and several glasses in on root beer + vodka. It's interesting how root beer and ginger beer are effectively swapped between Europe and America. While it is "possible" to get ginger beer here, they have it in every store. Alternatively, root beer is seen as a rarity and they absolutely love it haha. Anyways, I had something of a kick going and then Dave snagged my laptop and started doing something with it. The cycle of passing the laptop back and forth continued with me injecting my typical stock of screams, innuendo, and general nonsense into the track and then Dave would actually put the pieces together. Same with my collab with Mumble I suppose. Anyways, by the time we were done we were both pretty blasted and it was hella raw so Dave spent an additional couple days polishing it (and adding in that frenchcore bit at the end; believe it or not I had nothing to do with that lmao).

Why is this upload so late? When we finished it I was on the road and I wanted to update my logo and I've got this stupid idea in my head that I need to draw all my own custom art now. I've attempted to do said art for this on several occasions (same with the Assertiveness remix) and a couple weeks ago, a sketch finally came out that was decent. But then I had two weeks of cons. So now it's all finally come together and if you haven't heard this track previously... well I'm not apologizing. And if you like it, be sure to get the rest of our Pinkamena Party work, cheers \w/

Oh I guess additional notes: Twi is drinking root beer & vodka but if you prefer blood then that's cool too. And the name Dead Pony Club comes from the Brew Dog's pale ale (formerly) of the same name. It's really cool because each town's Brew Dog had a different cocktail using it so you could order stuff like "Dead Pony Punch" or "Dead Pony's Peril". I also bought the official t-shirt haha. Ok now I'm audi, peace.

BPM: 220



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