Data Science Seminar: How to use data science to get ahead in business?

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If you know how to use it, data science could be the key to every company's success. Data science and artificial intelligence are having profound impact on business by helping companies to improve their bottom line, retain customers, address compliance requirements, etc. Virtually every industry and every business process is being transformed by the rapid developments of data science, and because data has many business uses, companies are increasingly creating dedicated roles for data scientists.

The seminar will showcase actual case studies on how data science has been applied in Estonia and elsewhere, as well as what are the opportunities for the managers and specialists of different companies to learn how data science can be used for business improvement.

Information about upcoming seminars and recordings from previous seminars are available here:

Data Science Seminars are supported by the European Social Fund and University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technologies.