Acid Usagi - Power of the Sound (feat. Hatsune Miku)

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Did you know I started creating this song when Skype was still a thing and no one had conceived Discord yet?

Depression is a hell of a way to procrastinate. My life recently been in a turmoil and I have to have done so many sacrifices yet still I feel like total ass.

I've been neglecting my physical / mental health as well and due to which the uploads have dried up to which I apologize. I'll try to make more songs more frequently but sometimes it's just hard enough to keep yourself not spiraling out of control.

Anyway about the song. The Vocaloid part was made by an old friend that I called "Giraffey.-kun" Don't know where you are buddy but Thanks once again for the awesome vocaloid track I could work on.

Wanted to try out some UKHC, am not completely happy about it but better than nothing. aye?

Anyway hope you enjoy

Lyrics translated (roughly)

Driven with the power of the sound.
I can see you walking trough the crowd.
It is so simple, can't you see?
That tonight you belong to me.
You throw your hands up to the sky.
I hypnotize, you don't deny.
You jump around and call my name.
Dance with me till the light of day.