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Pony Sex 2 - DJSleepyHooves + Chuckles

Description YT

For those who fuck
DJSleepy: twitter.com/DJSleepyHooves
Chuckles: youtube.com/@MLP-Pitcrew


Bulk verse:

Yum, fun fun fun, that's what I hum when I'm munchin' 41,

pony plots, damn that's a lot, set a world record for pone-alingus

That's just a metaphor, nope it's my deep lore
Hungry? hot damn, no doubt, gonna eat a hole horse out

(pony sex break)

I get that qua-dro-ped, I put her in my bed, enthusiastic consent, I hope she know what it meant, our safety word's oRANG utang in case it gets violent, like the time that psycho Lyra tried to naw off my leg (AHHHH)

Suddenly this bitch gettin eldritch, testicals twisted by the appendages,
grapes get groped by the vines and tendrils, consent-icals. That just a fib, bitch, hypo-thetical

Snow-pits, Null-slit, crotch-tits, mare-bits,
Every little part gets slapped by muh dick

Aint a fuckin nonce, bring yo driving li-conce (license), gotta show me id if you wanna see this D

I need a grown ass mare, with some pastel hair, one to answer my prayer, Fluttershy with the stare,

I'm staring at her peach, she stare right back at me, so I'm like what up, beech (bitch), come get some of this deek (DiC Entertainment logo)

Chuckles verse:

Shift gear quick
To the shit tier bitch
Lipstick queer
Verse two of the triptych
Guess who guess you
Verso so shifted say that it’s cryptic
Feet big you would think I’m a Cryptid
Bring this thing just see I’m a mystic
Themes and whips so call me mistress
Countdown tick tick tick
begin it
Split like a fission the vision finish pony sex two
Simple addition begin division gonna wreck you
Littlest dick in the universe of course I get lewd
Tickle a clitoral physic sizzle when I get nude
Guess who coming back onto the motherfucking track
With a hoof around my shaft Bulky B at my back
Gonna spit on a mission it’s missionary position
I got my dick and emissions no intermission and act
Two Gonna lick this
Clitoris just
Roll it down cause
It’s Twilightlicious
Yap gotta fat kick
Bap when the hat hits
Bat pony go down till I
Have chapped lips
So watch this ass lift
Crotchtits fat dick
Fetlock fetish in a
Headlock cast this
Like it’s motherfuckin magic
Twi on my ass like I shit mathematics
Strapped up with a dragon strap on
Applejack had in the back of the wagon
Plus Lube in a cider flagon
Bag of pony swag, pride flag and
Pipp Petals selling water from her bathtub
Tavi going back so I back that ass up
I’m gonna mount that horse like a cataphract
Mare so wet that I called her a cataract
Walk it back Bogan kick that chop like a hacky sack

(Bulk and Chuckles) :

I don't fuck with fox news, bitch,
no Carl Tucker

suck some lewd hooves, bitch,
get turned into a pony fucker

Chuckles hits club,
guarantee you'll see them ponuts pucker

beat is my jam, yes the brand
you can call it Smuckers

3d girls can-

in the way of pony slut hoes,
'less they be rendered in Blender, then I am sex defender

candy vag-itarian
smut fanfic librarian

if pony sex is free-damn, call me libertarian.

|Take a breath and
Hit that downbeat
No syncopation tricks when I’m counting
I’m gonna glitch no clip through the boundaries
Grab Hitch and Zipp going down
And JK Rowling tweeted to say
I was gay from the start
BB: well you basically are
No I’m basically racy amazing to say I was ace but I basically take it too far
Blow that trombony I wanna cum inside that pony
She’s got the perfect heinie show me
I’ll be blowing up like I was Joseph Kony
Only to say
That I shoulder the blame
But I’m totally straight
When I’m groping on Brae
Burn and I’m stroking his mane
Wait, wait, I can fully explain
BB:Pfft, no you can’t.