chill beats to dustcar to


genre: friendship-hop


Art by rublegun:


samples used:
KINGSLEY & TOURMALINE Burning Mare 3 Live Set -
Wootmaster - Little By Little Bit [Steryotype Remix]
What Does The Fox Say (WIP) by ATR and DMC (cover of Azure by Derpidety)
The Flower Garden by Maddie Tourmaline
Estranged Dreamer by Alexx
U SMOOZE U LOSE by sound bandit, Fin
SoGreatandPowerful - Flutterwonder (Pinkiepieswear Remix)
Alexx talking in a Discord call c:


There’s something that I feel is reflective of the show: how early pony musicians made music because they loved to, and yet in such ignorance of what is “correct” musical practice. You know there’s something really human to me about music purely as a form of expression. I think its this expression and the artistic ideas that always come through, more than anything else.

There are too many people to name, but I think some shoutouts are in order. First, to Kingsley Evergreen and Maddie Tourmaline for post-dustcar discussions. You guys are seriously awesome, and it is really something special being able to talk about old pony music/pony musicians with people who were involved so heavily in it all those years ago. Shoutouts of course to Alexx, boby, Toasterless, Atomic, raye, EponyA, DMC, goat, and any other members of the SGAP discord I am surely forgetting about. Shoutouts also to Fetlocked - people like you, the new age of pony musicians, bring me such inspiration. And of course I have not enough words for ATR, who besides being a giant of inspiration for me is such an incredible ball of positivity in sync-listens ♥.

One last shoutout is obviously in order, and that is to (formerly) cherax destructor. In my dumb head, I like to view this song as the spiritual successor to ♥, which was made as a tribute to toastbeard and the people from toastbeard that inspired her. This song, again in my dumb head, is representative of a new wave of pony music. Those people who grew up listening to cherax and the musicians from toastbeard are now the same age that their idols were around that time, and are at the same stage of life. It seems the past is repeating itself, the pony community miraculously prevailing through it all.