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[Power Metal] Winter Wrap Up | CtW

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Art by Firebolt http://sleufoot2010.deviantart.com/gallery/
Text by my awesome friend Jake

This has been 7 months in the making. 7 months. It's done. Vocal problems? Can't care anymore... toooo LOOONNNGGGG!!! By the way, thank you all for 300 subs, I have some plans for it. However, I dunno yet. EXPECT SOMETHING THIS WEEK... yea something. Maybe a remaster!

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I had some help from some random bronies for the choruses and my sister.
- The Quinch
- Dark Flame,
- Micheal Rissaweg
- noodle-licious
- ilovevegeta4eva

Time Editing/Recording: 106:06:31 (oh god) http://cyrilthewolf.tumblr.com Conventions + Meetups:
BronyCon, Baltimore, MD - Aug 1-3 2014
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