Acid Usagi - Where Are You Now? (feat. Isabel K)

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I was asked to make a track consisting mostly of 8bit sounds and I accepted, not that this is no purely 8bit but more or less influenced by it.

I would love to thank my friends Isabel and Edd with the Vocals and lyrics for this track. Without them, this track would be more than a poopoo (Technical Term)

About this track.

I wanted to create a track of an AI which eventually realizes what she had done (portal-esk story) Hope you like it!

Also thanks for Wubzy for the initial idea and first draft of the lyrics.

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(Acapella and Instrumental Included in the single)






(Verse 1)
When I'm alone, I hear your voice.
When I'm in tears I see your face.
When I am sad you make me laugh.
Where are you now, where are you now?

When I am tired you pick me up.
When I frown you turn it up.
When I am smiling you make it grow.
Where are you now, where are you now?

(Verse 2)
Trapped in this mainframe, all alone.
How did I get here? I don't know.
Lost in my thoughts, no way out.
Where are you now, Where are you now?

What is this feeling taking over me?
There is something dwelling inside of me.
It is something that I just can't explain.
Where are you now, Where are you now?

First I was blind, but now I see
The truth that laid dormant inside of me.
Hearing them scream, and writhe in pain.
I Killed them all, I killed them all.