TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for July 2012


This is probably the best month that the top ten videos list has seen so far.


Opening Video:
The Legend of Zelestia: Twilink Sneaks Surreptitiously into Canterlot Castle by TheDanielsaur:

Top Ten Videos

Cutie Mark Crusaders - Beep Beep! by Snapai:

This Day Aria: Literal Video Version by missbunniswan:

Magic The Traveling by BronyToons:

Love Me Cheerilee Music Video by BronyDanceParty:

Musical Film - Wake up Applejack! by Tsubukichan:

My Little Portal: Episode 1 by ChristansCartoons:

Ponies Royale by Feedsy:

Want It, Need It (Hold Me) by OmegaOzone:

Picture Perfect Pony Official Music Video Animation by JanAnimations:

PONIES The Anthology II by ZephyrStar and Company:

Honorable Mentions:

Rainbow Dash Presents: Haunting Nightmare by FiMFlamFilosophy:

Teleport Potion by 2Snacks:

Disconnected PMV by MyLittleVisuals:

Ending Song

Disconnected by Pegboard Nerds: