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Epic Pony Fics: Poniez Vizit Teh Earf part 2

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This is the second chapter to this bad azz pony book im writing, quickly tell equestria daily
For education purposes only

Poniez Vizit Teh Earf
Chapter 2

Theres behind was discord. The evilist faggot in the universe. Twilight is all like. DISCORD and discored is all like Its a good thang nigga rhymes with nigga, othawise this rap shit would be hard. And applejack is all like RAP IS FOR FAAGGOTS! So she kicks dicord in the balls..... no thats to obvious, She kicks him in the shin and he does like a bajillion frontflips before landing ontop an abortion clinic were many irresponsable teenage girls (Mostly at the age of 13) Came running out only to get hit my a milk truck that came from the 50's because of the time travling device but thats another story. Discord got up and is all like. Motha fucka so he uses his lazer eyes and blows up rainbow dash and pinkie pie is all like Nooooooo How will know if I am pregnant with a shape shifting reptile and applejack is all like Shit! Then discords all like, Im gonna be white now so he became white. Twilight looks around and is all like oh shit! We forgot the elements of harmony, and fluttershy Holyfuck I hadn't given her diologe until now, Is all like Im settling this shit once and for all she pulls out fucking dildo rocket and shoots it at discord! Discords all like holy fuck! And he runs away but the rocket dildo lodged itself in his asshole and boom! Blood Guts and Shit Showered the city, and not a single fuck was given that day. Twilight is all like good job team and Rainbow Dash is all like Im alive again. Fuck logic, Twilights bootleg phone rings and its celestia and celestia's all like Hey cotton picker You killed discord but he is not the real enemy and twilight is all like then who is? And Celestia is all like. This villian is so evil he comes from the pits of hell itself, He is the worst thing you could ever imagine..... an OC! (that means original character) and twilight is all like NOOO fuck you Equestria Daily Celestia is all like Im updating your HUD and twilights Magical HUD view updated. Because when shit cant be explained. Use magic. Fuck logic. Anyways the mane 6 set off to kill the dreaded OC and save Equestria once and for all. Because closing the portal between earth and equestria to leave all of the villians there would make sence, fuck logic. But before they can find the OC they must face the worse thing of all... Bronies!