AcousticBrony - An Ode To Derpy Hooves (Derpy's Theme) (TeiThePony Re-Drummed)

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Read the Description Please!


Before we start all this fudgery that "This is not a remix" or "This is nothing original" or "Why u upload this crap?" let me tell you one thing. The original song of AcousticBrony brought me so much joy and it always put a smile on my face so I decided to try to give something back. I know it's not as good as the original, nor it tries to be.

As I was listening to the original I tought to my self "This would need drums" and so I decided to make something up. It didn't come out as I planned, yet it gave something to it. The small disco kinda vibe that is.

Thanks AcousticBrony, for making this wonderful track, that brings Joy and happyness to everyone who listens to it.

You have earned well your 9000+ Subs!

As for the Derpy herself... I wont say anything since what ever I say can't contribute more to the matter, all that is said has been said and the people who know me, know my point of view on the matter. I see the both sides of the debate and see their point of views... But regardless of what happens in the future, there still be a Derpy in my hearth.

Original Song by AcousticBrony:

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