Wintertime [Faithful and Strong Submission]


This is the song I wrote for the charity album FAITHFUL AND STRONG which you can purchase here. All proceeds go to charity.



Its cold out here in the winter time
Its hard enough I know,
To be stuck in these Lexus cages
Stuck out in the snow.
But the summer's coming
And I can see the glistening sun.

Lately I've been feeling like
There's nowhere else to go.
To lay down with each other here
Just to let our spirits go.
Away, drifting to the setting sun.

Do you ever feel like
living for a change?
Do you watch the sunrise
and hope for a better day.
Cause everything I know,
and everything I've seen
And every past experience is keeping
My faith in dreaming.

I washed up on the ocean shore
with nothing but my six string,
A passion and a purpose,
A reason to believe in
Everything that I thought I could be.

The light is bursting through the trees
Casting out my demons.
The makeshift manifestation of the fear we have of living.
God, grant me the strength to carry on.

Its over now
if you let your dreams fade away
its over now
if you let your dreams fade away.

Artwork once again made by the amazing Vexx3!

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