Research Showcase: Robotic Process Mining

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Researchers at University of Tartu's Institute of Computer Science, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia, have developed a new type of automation technology, which they call Robotic Process Mining. This new technology addresses the problem of automating repetitive routines that digital workers perform in their daily work, such as filling in an online form with data coming from one or more documents. The technology records working sessions of several hours, from one or more workers in a company, and it analyzes these recordings to discover series of steps that are frequently repeated. It then produces a software bot capable of performing these routines automatically.

🎓Further information about this technology can be found in the research paper: Leno, V., Polyvyanyy, A., Dumas, M. et al. Robotic Process Mining: Vision and Challenges. Business Information Systems Engineering, 2020.
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