HACKD - Amaranth [The Unknown]

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Here's a quick cerebral techno track I pieced together for what was /supposed/ to be a dark ambient album. I made this back in July, but I've been waiting to post it until the album was released (kinda poorly managed across the board but whatever).

Hope you like it, I was inspired by the style of Dadub if you want more tunes like this. I should also note that the monologue is taken (slightly edited) from the fanfic "Intension" which if you like Twi/Luna, dark, and action, it's worth a read. One of my favorites.

Now available as a bonus track on Bust Yo Flank!

"The Unknown" album download: http://theunknownteam.bandcamp.com/

Intension: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/24831/intension

LYRICS (spoken by Axion):
"Morality means little in the scope of scientific and culturual progress. What matters is the ambition and will to drag this world even if its kicking and screaming into the light of a new day, and show it willing or not the possibilities that that new day holds. I seek to end the wars, the hostilities, the injustice and the imbalance of the world and bring about harmony and cooperation amongst all races. And with the Amaranth, I now have the power to do it.

Join me Twilight, or you will be the first to experience the Amaranth's true power.

I have the power, the vision, and most importantly the will to show this world what can be achieved if gathered under a single standard. No more quarels over territories or resources, as all will be shared by all. No more armies would be needed, no more raids in the dead of winter for supplies. All shall benifit from this. And that is more important than what a few old fashioned fools desire. And who can contest my rule, especially with you by me side? Hahahaha..."

Vector/Artwork by me.

So yeah... time to get back to doing speedcore ;D



Video by HACKD

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