A Heart So Pure [WIP]


"Ya dead yet, mon?"
"No, mon."

Sup everyone! Got some time back home for christmas (yay government!) so I figured I'd deliver on this WIP I mentioned before I left.

So this is a song I have been working on for an upcoming musical involving Rarity and a character named Raul, who is of royalty. They fall in love and this is their song. Hope you guys like it! (And yeah, I'm not that great at a rarity singing voice...)

There's a world out there
Shining bright and gleaming
I've seen it all, I've done all I can do.
There's a world out there
Glistening cities on silver linings
I've seen it all and none compares to you

I don't think there's a moment left
So powerful as the day we met
The kindness in your eyes so true
I don't think there's a second left
Come my dear, you're my perfect catch
De ma vie, tu es l'amour
I've never seen (no I've never seen)
I've never seen a heart so pure

There's a world out there
Small towns stricken with ghastly expressions
Its no surprise that it escaped your gaze
There's a world out there,
Its not that high class but life's what we make it
And it's a life, I've dream't I'd make with you

You've got your whole life ahead of you (I wouldn't spend it any other way)
I don't want to hold you back (I'm taking you with me)
This world's too high class for me (you're a diamond, my rarity)
[I just want to call you my own]