SoGreatandPowerful - Galaxygroove (Otarine Remix)


SoGreatandPowerful was a musician I adored greatly. I consider him one of the greatest influences on my own music. I always appreciated him for what he tried to do in the Brony fandom. He was quite an inspiration, in the sense that his music reflected himself. He spoke of greater ideals, and of compassion. He wanted to teach people to become a greater version of themselves, and he transmitted that message through the music he wrote.

As a former participant in the Brony fandom, I owe a great deal to him, not just for the countless songs and entertainment he's brought in the past few years, but because of how his music affected me personally.

If it were not for the music SoGreatandPowerful first created, back in 2012, I firmly believe I would not have stuck around for as long as I did. That in itself would be a tragedy, as I would not have had the opportunity to meet the many people I now feel privileged to call my friends. To add to that thought, I developed a growing doubt in my own music, and as such I was planning to quit in early 2012. But SGAP's music holds some sort of mystical aura, that inspired me and motivated me to keep trying. The song you hear today is the result of my perseverance, which was for the longest time, fueled by SGAP and other awe-inspiring musicians like him.

His music had always been coherent, complex, and beautifully written, with surgical precision as to how he wrote every single song. Every single instrument, from the quietest hihat to the loudest synth always felt carefully chosen to fit the song. It inspired me to long for and always create music that meant something to me, music that held emotion, and sincerity.

Even more curious was the person himself, and although I never met him myself, I appreciate him for always living the ideals he endorsed. Humble in his ways, his persona was not narcissistic, or glamorous, but modest and charming. I guess that it didn't come as a surprise that he chose to leave the fandom as he participated in it. No fanfare or parades, just a quiet little exit.

To this day, it's no surprise that people continue to listen to his music, and celebrate him as a member of the community.

So, as a personal message if he ever chooses to read this, thank you.

Thank you, SoGreatandPowerful, for all the good times. Cheers, wherever you are. c:

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art by my great friend uniow
Thank you to galaxygroove ( ) for allowing me to remix this great song!