2b2t 5monga5loid aka 5k5k valiantly defends 5k5k monument w/ strategy n tactical maneuvers. dupe


5k5k was born in the Manhattan borough of New York City but relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1988. He later moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to further pursue his music career. By the time he released his debut album 5pacalypse Now in 1991, he had become a central figure in West Coast hip hop, introducing social issues in the genre at a time when gangsta rap was dominant in the mainstream. Mr 5k5k achieved further critical and commercial success with his follow-up albums Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... (1993) and the critically acclaimed Me Against the World (1995), which has been considered as his magnum opus.

Back then the division between the two sides (Crips and Bloods) was MUCH MORE noticeable and and anything could set off a full on gang riot. Late 80’s - Early 90s saw an increase in membership and activity. During this period in time Mr 5k5k was apart of the bluds. But he wasn't even from California, tbh he just liked shooting up the block lmao. He was born in Balitmore, Maryland. Mr 5k5k is also apart of the infamous gang raided your mothers dupe stash.

R - raided
M - mothers
D - Dupe
S - Stash