Am I There Yet?- Ibeabronyrapper


A short rap over Dumbfoundead's "Are We There Yet"

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I'm seekin out a better life them better nights I better fight
I better write another verse, cursed I'm never right
place soul the in track race I'm never turnin back
it's a whole cold shoulder growin much older

and life is movin faster never seek the past again
weak weepin past my sins weeks seekin out to win
even with this intel had break ups like nextel
on to the next hell though i expect well

life is always movin smooth to it's own groove
and that's a clear truth ain't no facts I gotta prove
study rhymes and rhythem and love with in him
not in any timeline will passion grow thinner

It's a curse and a gift so i try to up lift
when the times seem fit "don't you ever quit"
was a line i'm always fed with stress in my head
but see the past is dead let it die a restful bed

I've been livin life for others for my mother and my bother
I been smothered by another damn that's another lover
a dash up on the tally a stat for peaks and valleys
as a matter of fact I guess that's a rap

but my musics never ended even when I'm killed with venom
It's never my agenda to be endin epic sagas
gun foder nada gotta be a marchin solider
always chargin forward to a drum beat... ha