Blaze & MysteriousSpoon - Twilight's Departure (TeiThePony Remix)


While waiting for my collab friends to have time to collab with me I decided to do a quickie


I woke up one morning with a terrible hangover and saw this project open in my fruity loops. I never knew why, how or when it had happened, but after hearing what I had done so far, I decided to pull

this one through... it's not like I have anything else to do.

Song tittle: Twilight's Departure (TeiThePony Remix)
Remixer: TeiThePony
Original Artist: Blaze & MysteriousSpoon

Link to the Original one:

Art Credits:
I found this Random pic somewhere! So if you know the artist, please hook him/her up so I can give the full credits

Song sheet:

The Original original is by NamelessWarning from a song called "Dashie"

NamelessWarning's Youtube page:

Blaze's Youtube page:

MysteriousSpoon's page:

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