Homage & TCB - It's Raining Now


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Build a fortress out of blankets, won't come out until it's gone~

NEIGHborino! (haha) It was raining where I live, and I was like I'm going to write a cute jam. c: I had already sent some stuff to TCB cause we were thinking of doing a collab, and sent a demo of this to him just for some feedback. After a few revisions on my end, he sent me a demo of his version and I was BLOWN AWAY. Hope you enjoy this!!

ALSO this art was so graciously done by Seafood Dinner! SFD was a real pleasure to work with and did this for free even though I insisted on paying! Check your KoFi Bro c;

SFD's Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeafoodArts


Blue skies, they turn to gray
As I'm replaced by the sound of falling rain
It's pouring out, again
It's raining now
It's raining now

Do do do da dwea da x2

It may be rainin'
But that don't mean we can't have some fun!
Build a fortress, out of blankets
Won't come out until it's gone

I can't wait until it rains again!
It's raining now
It's raining now!


TCB: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGZwJeOsReFkSD8hDDV_lA


this song is fricken cooot