May I help you, traveler?




I feel there is a certain vulnerability we see in Twilight during the first few Trixie episodes. More than losing her friends, something about Twilight being bested in magic - that thing which is depicted in her own cutie mark - seems to terrify her. Perhaps this is due to her upbringing; such is the cruel life of a prodigy.

This one was something of an experiment. I started with the goal of wanting to create a PPS-esque kind of song roughly following s3e5, and ended up doing that, but more in the vocal chopping style of e.g. Chief Doggingfood. I think in retrospect it worked out, since it adds to the rhythm which I believe contributes to the sense of a duel. I committed early to the analog (retro) soundscape, until for some reason I decided to add horns. I didn't really have a justification for the choice when I made it, but it was great practice nonetheless. Ultimately, I know that I can do a lot better for the community than this, but I am quite held back by my own inexperience, having only been a producer for a short time now...

It should not need mentioning that I took heavy influence from david [SGaP], but I still think its worth noting. To be honest, after transcribing a few of his songs, incorporating david's harmonic practices feels inescapable to me. I hope the sense in my work is that I am using his ideas tastefully, rather than flatly copying from him.

Regarding the future: I started work on this one on the first of December with the goal of producing a song every two days. Evidently I was not successful, and so it is looking like a song every week/two weeks is more realistic for me. Regardless, I have no shortage of ideas, so I hope to release a lot more soon. In the words of david, "trust that I do care about producing a certain movement in your hearts."