Twilight and Flash- Young Love


(My first vid on this sadly got deleted do to title typo, but it is fixed now.) Do not own any of the pictures or music. Been awhile since my last vid. A fellow brony asked me do to a Twilight and Flash Sentry pmv couples vid. I got my hands on some new software and in my opinion turned out quite nice. I'll admit, I was very unsure of this topic. reasons are the following: The pony flash sentry has no idea what happened in Canterlot High to his counter part human self, so that means shes gonna have to kinda start a new relationship. Two have we really seen him in the season (if so please say where cause this argument has been going on for quite sometime). Three and totally off subject, if yall have noticed Raritys rainbow sewing string flashed rainbow colors, and so did Pinkies new rubber chicken Boneless. Perhaps these are the keys or something to find the keys? O.O. But back on subject, I'm beginning to like this couple, and I hope yall do to. Like, Subscribe, ask for requests I'll pretty much to anything (pony related please)