TeiThePony Mixes UK Happy Hardcore [02]

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Ok so I was asked from multiple angles that I should make a UK Happy HC Set and why not... everyone needs cheese once a while.

Please suggest the next genre on =COMMENTS BELOW= Thank You!

I personally don't like UK Happy HC, but this set turned out well.

At first I decided to go against playing S3RL because his stuff is the most overrated shit out there... but I haven't listened to this music in roughtly 10+ years... I don't know who does the new stuff to beging with.

I wanted to cater the melodic and more deeper and darker side of the genre... I hope it worked out.

Cover art by the amazing:


Tracks used:

Darren Styles - Universe
Dougal, Gammer - Lift Me Higher (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Darren Styles - Silver Water
Scott Brown - I'll Fly With You (Original Mix)
Darren Styles - Like A Bitch
Squad-E, Storm - Tace (Original Mix)
S3RL - Neon Genesis (Original Mix)
Gammer, Whizzkid - We Killed The Rave (Original Mix)
Cally Gage, Gammer - Breakneck Bastard (Original Mix)
Darren Styles, Gammer - Paranoia
Dougal, Gammer, JB-C - Show Me The Way (feat. Jenna)
Darren Styles, Whoxxkid - Could Be Real (Original Mix)
Darren Styles - Symphonic (feat. Kirty Anderson)