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Notorious BIG "Juicy" Parody -- Prune Juicy

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"Gimme The Loot" Medieval Parody - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vexMKH9lY3k

"Warning" Gangster Parody - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZJBTuDN_Ic

Biggie Smalls is my favorite rapper of all time and this is a fun tribute to his incredibly vivid lyrics and storytelling ability. It's an homage to his classic hit "Juicy" as told through the eyes of an elderly man.

Prune Juicy

Damn all you commies....Getta grip, whippersnapper
This record is dedicated to all the rugrats who ruin my garden
To all the yellow bellies who didn't have the moxie to engage me in fisticuffs
and hollered for Johnny Law when I was just trying to get my mail in the nude
And all the sluggers in the struggle..
Gettin' old, baby baby..

It was all a dream
I used to read Harper's magazine
Babe Ruth and Charlie C up in the Model T
Hanging portraits on my wall
Every sunday, matinee down at Carnegie Hall
I played my phonograph till it broke in half
Smoking lucky strikes and sipping on sassafras
Way past, when I had the argyle sweater vest
with my knickers pressed
Remember Cary Grant? North By Northwest?
We never thought that Hitchcock would film 'em the best
Now I'm in the doc's light cause my chest's tight
Time to find shade, kneel down like I just prayed
Born winner, early bird chicken dinner
Remember when I use to be ten scruples thinner
Peace to Gandhi, Shirley T, Judy G,
J Edgar Hoover and Jack Dempsey
I'm takin' naps like you thought I should
Call the home, wish my children would
They're no good..uhh...

And if you don't know..now ya know....kiddo

I made the switch from a common hood
To up close and personal with Benny Good
Man, I ain't two-bit, I give scratch to the church all day
Praise God, it's the Christian way
The bingo and Grandkids keep my busy
Meds make me dizzy
Can't drink soda if it's fizzy
I never thought it could happen, this elder stuff
I was too used to feeling swell and stuff
Now nurses play me close like I'm practically a ghost
From the melanoma down to my numb toes
Widows in Queens, wheelchairs for weeks
Doled out sweets to pinch all the kids cheeks
Livin' life full of fear
Puttin' bell tones in my ever growin' ears
Lunches, brunches, handkerchief for the drool
Considered uncool cause I monitor my own stool
Stereotype of an old man misunderstood
Ever since boyhood..huh...

And if you don't know..now ya know....jackass

Kick the can, stickball, jumping rope and jacks
When I was 63, man i sold my bric a bracs
Black and white screen, ruptured spleen and a coma
Got two stents, a pacemaker with a soma
Bone pills, cost the coat off my back
No need to worry, medicaid handles that
And my group home is lounging
Lazy Boys. Wooden Toys, cushion coins that I'm scrounging
Thinkin' back on my heart attack
Now my wife gives me flack for hating sayjack
And she hates to rub my corns, of course
Cries everytime my feet are up in her sores
We used to cuss when the nuns would hit us
No teeth, but I got the diabetes
Birthday are the worst days
No one drives me to Sizzler for the buffets
Dang right I hate the life I live
'Cuz I went from spry to inactive
And it's all...

And if you don't know..now ya know....ya bastards