HACKD's "Buck 'Em Up!" Liveset [BUCK 2014]

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DOWNLOAD: https://mega.co.nz/#!UldwVajZ!4tc2AZ99AKe2e-H1AoCheSaBRHmndShTgroBgH41dA4

Hello and welcome friends! Here's my DJ mix that I performed on the Cadence Stage at BUCK 2014. At 11am! To a venue full of chairs! But that didn't stop a front row crowd from rocking out and they're what counts. So to future con organizers, consider booking me if you're looking for a top tier onslaught of the hypest party music you'll find. Do it. For the people. Like I'm not even kidding, I understand how a con organizer would be hesitant to book an act involving music that... may not generally be considered "everyone's cup of tea" but you have no idea how successful hardcore music is live, where it was meant to be played, until you've lived it first hand.

But anyways, this lovely video is the product of friend and fellow DJ Spikey Wikey, whom you should totally subscribe to. The beautiful artwork of the amazing zalgo horse is credited to one of my favorite artists emberwisp. You'll find links to both awesome talents further below.

And one more round of shout-outs to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today, everyone who has participated in and organized the fabulous Pinkamena Party albums, everyone who managed to wake up to see this set live Saturday morning, the normal people who slept through it, berrytube.tv for being awesome, and to future cons who put me on the roster B)

Oh, and shout-outs to Freewave who made the awesome choo choo train vid used in the Assertiveness remix portion of the vid. And to Aoshi and Seventh Element for providing stems which I used in Back Alley Bootleg. I do intend to do proper remixes when time permits.

video by Spikey Wikey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUtaBeN6_PXtVAaDUcQ-Ug

art by EmberWisp: http://emberwisp.tumblr.com/

Also subscribe to Gak Attack Records for more off-the-wall hardcore: https://www.youtube.com/user/gakattackrecords

Now then, enjoy. Rave or riot. Throw some fucking chairs mate.

SETLIST (154 - 204 BPM)
00:25 HACKD - Fealty To The Night VIP
01:50 HACKD vs RKIT - Maverick
03:00 HACKD - Back Alley Bootleg
05:14 RKIT - Lights Out! (HACKD Remix)
06:10 Vsi - Assertiveness (HACKD Remix)
08:25 HACKD - Hard Cider VIP
09:35 Imil - New Beginnings
10:14 Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard (HACKD Remix)



Video by HACKD

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